2 Options For Renters In Need Of Air Conditioning

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2 Options For Renters In Need Of Air Conditioning

9 December 2016
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Renting an apartment offers some unique challenges compared to owning a home. One challenge is having a comfortable summer if your building or unit doesn't have central air conditioning. If your landlord isn't willing to put in central air conditioning or supply you with an alternative, there are a couple of cooling options that can fit different needs and budgets.

But each type of unit also has its own pros, cons, and considerations. Consult an AC services company in your area if you have any more questions.

Window Air Conditioner

 Window air conditioner units mount within a window frame and point cooled air straight out into your room. While a window air conditioner doesn't provide the same level of cooling as a central system with ductwork, a window unit can still provide more than sufficient cooling for a small area.

If you have a small apartment, one window unit might suffice. Larger apartments or rented houses might require more units to keep your entire living space comfortable. You can maximize the unit efficiency by blocking off rooms as much as possible by shutting doors or installing door curtains.

Window air conditioners require minimal maintenance. You should change the air filter according to the instructions in your owner's manual and can clean the interior coils if the system starts losing its cooling power. If water starts dripping out of the unit and into your home, the unit was installed improperly and needs more of an angle to make sure that condensate runs out the back of the unit and outside your home.

You can also call in an air conditioning services company to take a look at any problem or fix an installation mistake.

Portable Air Conditioner

Do you need a cooling solution that doesn't require a large, rectangular window? Or do you need a more customizable solution than a window air conditioner? A portable air conditioner might work better for your needs.

Portable air conditioners come in different sizes and cooling output levels but most can sit on the floor or a table to supply a modest amount of cold air to a room. The portable unit works best at cooling one room at a time but you have the option of picking the unit up and carrying it with you when you need to change rooms.

The unit has a vent hose that needs to go out a window, so this isn't a solution for a windowless room, but a small window will suffice. Maintenance includes changing the filter and draining out the condensate that will collect inside the portable air conditioner. You can hold the unit over a sink or bathtub and then release the drain valve to drain out that condensate and prevent water from spilling out onto your floor.

Contact a company like Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc. to learn more.

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