Is Your Summer Home Sweltering? 3 Times To Replace Rather Than Repair The AC

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Is Your Summer Home Sweltering? 3 Times To Replace Rather Than Repair The AC

22 May 2019
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It's that time of year again when you can't wait to get to your summer home. While having a home away from home gives you a lovely place to vacation, the last thing you want to do is discover that it is less than comfortable. Unfortunately, things happen when you are away from a house for a longer period of time, and it is sometimes tempting to see if you can get an AC system to make it though just one more season. When you are greeted with no or hot air flowing through your house's vents, consider these three factors that could indicate that it is best to go with a complete AC replacement.

You're Planning to Add On

Many families decide to add on to their vacation home as their family expands. Alternatively, you might be interested in expanding your vacation house so that it is more suitable for rentals when you are not staying there. AC systems are sized to fit the demands for cooling houses, and an add-on or major remodel could impact how the one that is currently installed works. Ask your AC technician to make sure that you have the right sized system for your house, or let them in on your plans for an expansion so that they can recommend a unit that can handle the extra load.

You're Spending More On Repairs

Over time, a failing AC system will gradually need more repairs. Take a good look at the amount that you spent last summer or in past years on keeping it running. Then, add on the expected repair costs for this year. It is possible that buying a new unit could save you money in the long run since you can only expect that the system will have more problems in the future.

You're Dealing With an Outdated System

There also comes a point when the system that you are using is just no longer right for your situation. For instance, an older unit tends to use much more power than new energy-efficient models. You can also upgrade to systems with features such as programmable thermostats that allow you to have more control over the energy use.

Although you might not stay in your vacation home all year long, it is definitely important to feel comfortable during your summers there. With a new unit, you can expect that it will be ready to cool off your family when you return year after year.

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