How To Keep Your HVAC System Clean And Allergen Free

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How To Keep Your HVAC System Clean And Allergen Free

29 April 2016
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Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to make sure it is operating efficiently and keeping your home free of allergens. Part of the HVAC maintenance you must keep up with is cleaning. Fortunately, HVAC maintenance and cleaning is not as hard as you may think it is going to be.In fact, here are three tips to keep your system clean and allergen free. You'll also find that you save money, as your system works at its optimum level.

Change the Filters Regularly

The filters will become clogged with dust, dirt and mold. The best thing you can do is change them frequently, at least every three months. If you suffer from allergies, you may find changing them more regularly than that is necessary.

Check your filters on a weekly basis to see how they look. Cleaning them to remove some of the dust and condensation can help to make them last a little longer. Every Day Health recommends that you use medium efficiency filters to really get the most in cost-efficiency, and they may last longer.

Invest in a Duct Cleaner

If your system is a duct one, you will need to check the ducts on a regular basis. Look out for any signs of mold, including sight and smell. When you think there is a moldy smell, call in a cleaner to check the whole system for you.

It's worth protecting your ducts when you are carrying out maintenance in your home, especially renovations. They can become clogged and that can lead to future problems and dirty systems.

Ensure the Coils Are Cleaned

The coils will end up covered in dirt and grease. Many people forget about these, but you need to make sure you clean them regularly to keep your HVAC system in a fully working condition. Cleaning regularly doesn't just keep the system efficient, but also extends its life and means there's no need for lengthy, expensive callouts as often. These coils are found in both the heating and cooling systems, and in both duct or ductless options.

Whatever type of system you have, make sure you clean it regularly. It isn't difficult and depending on the system, there won't be many areas that you need to think about. The coils are essential in but duct and ductless systems, along with the filters. Keep these two areas in top condition and your HVAC system will remain workable and energy efficient. For more information, contact a company like McFoy Refrigeration, Inc.

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