How To Reduce Water Costs And Minimize The Need For Household Plumbing Repairs

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How To Reduce Water Costs And Minimize The Need For Household Plumbing Repairs

9 May 2016
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Every household relies on continuous water flow in order to wash the dishes, flush the toilet, use the shower, or simply brush teeth. But unfortunately, the cost of using water can really add up when plumbing maintenance, water service fees, and the need for sporadic repairs to your water or plumbing system are considered. However, you can reduce your water costs and minimize the need for plumbing repairs as time goes on by implementing the following tips and tricks:

Install Faucet Aerators

You can reduce the amount of water used within your household by up to a whopping 60 percent by installing faucet aerators on all of the sinks throughout your home. Faucet aerators also have the ability to reduce your water heating costs. You'll find that your aerators prevent splashing and help to filter out small debris so the water is cleaner when you use it. Aerators are easy to install, clean, and replace so there isn't a need to hire a professional for installation or maintenance.

Wrap up for the Winter Months

Insulating your pipes for the winter months will help keep them from freezing and busting. Busted pipes typically result in expensive plumbing repair bills and wasted water as it's sprayed from the broken pipes into your home or throughout your property. For optimal protection, you'll want to insulate the pipes in your crawl spaces, attic, and garage, as well as any that are exposed outside of your home.

Before beginning the insulation process, thoroughly clean your pipes with soap and water to get rid of any dirt, grease, and grime that has built up on them. Once clean and dry, you can cover your pipes with spiral-wrap insulation which is reflective and comes in a roll like tape does. Simply wrap the insulation around your pipes, making sure that every inch is covered. Alternatively, you can use foam covers by sliding the open ends of them onto your pipes to create a snug fit.

Have the Drains Professionally Cleaned

Another great way to keep your water and plumbing systems in good shape throughout the years is to have the drains professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Regular cleanings will help keep the drains from getting clogged and putting pressure on both your pipes as well as your water system. Clean drains will also minimize the need for plumbing repairs and reduce unwanted smells inside your home.

Incorporating these methods and techniques into your household should make a noticeably positive impact on your water and plumbing expenses throughout the years. Click here for more info.  

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