Answering A Few Questions About Air Conditioner Problems

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Answering A Few Questions About Air Conditioner Problems

12 May 2016
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Your home's air conditioner is critical for keeping the interior within a comfortable temperature range. As a result, when these systems start to malfunction, you may find yourself in a sweltering home. By becoming more informed about some of the common problems that these systems can experience, you will be better prepared for when your home's air conditioner encounters problems.

Why Is The Air Conditioner Failing To Cool The Home?

An air conditioner that is struggling to cool the house can be a fairly common problem. Unfortunately, it can be caused by an assortment of problems. For example, an air conditioner may develop a refrigerant leak, which can cause it to simply circulate warm air throughout the house. To correct this problem, you will need to have a professional locate the leak and seal it.

Another common cause for this problem can be due to the system failing to get enough air. This can happen due to either dirty air filters or excessive dust on the unit's exterior vents. By changing the air filter and replacing the vents, you may be able to correct the problem. However, if these steps fail to get the system blowing enough air, the primary fan may be failing, which will need to be replaced.

What Is Making The Energy Bill Suddenly Increase?

One month, you may notice that your energy expenses have dramatically increased. This problem can often be caused by the air conditioner system being improperly maintained. To minimize the risk of this contributing to higher than necessary energy bills, you should make sure to have your home's system serviced at least once a year. During a service visit, a technician (like those from Childers Enterprises Inc and similar locations) will thoroughly inspect the unit to make sure that it is free of serious wear and that it is properly lubricated. Additionally, they may tune up the motor that powers the primary fan to ensure it works as efficiently as possible.

What Can Cause The Unit To Start Producing Loud Sounds?

While your air conditioner will always make some sounds when it is in operation, you might find that your air conditioner starts to make extremely loud noises. There can be a number of sources for these sounds, but if you notice that these are grinding, you should stop using the unit and contact a professional to inspect it. This problem can often be caused by a sudden loss of lubrication or debris being jammed in the motor. By turning off the system until it is inspected, you can help to minimize any damage that might develop.

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