FAQ About Central Air Conditioning System Ductwork

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FAQ About Central Air Conditioning System Ductwork

10 August 2016
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Did you move into an old house that has an inefficient central air conditioning system? You might need to invest in a new system, but it is possible that the ductwork in the house is the cause of inefficiency. Replacing, repairing or getting the ductwork cleaned by a professional might fix the inefficiency problem. This article will cover a few of the questions that you might have in regards to the ductwork to your air conditioning system.

Can Air Leak Out of Air Ducts?

When ductwork is the cause of a central air conditioning system being inefficient, a leakage of air is one of the common reasons. There are a few ways that air can leak out of air ducts. For instance, it is possible that the leakage stems from the fittings on the ducts not being secure enough. The fittings might even have to be replaced if they are damaged from being old. Air can also leak out when there are cracks in the ducts, and sometimes getting the cracks sealed us is the only repair necessary.

How Does Dirty Ductwork Affect an Air Conditioning System?

Dirty ductwork can cause an air conditioning system to be inefficient because it prevents air from flowing freely. Sometimes there is more than dirt in the air ducts causing the problem, such as trash and rodent carcasses. Being that your house is old, there might be a lot of dirt and debris in the air ducts that need to be cleaned out. A professional should be hired for the task because accessing ductwork can be a difficult task.

What Does a Professional Charge to Clean Air Ducts?

If there are a large amount of air ducts in your house, it will affect the price that you are charged by a professional. The complexity involved with accessing the ductwork will also be factored into the price. You should expect to pay at least $400 or more for professional ductwork cleaning.

How Much Does Getting New Ductwork Cost?

A professional is estimated to charge up to $55 per linear foot to replace air ducts. The price includes the materials needed for the task, as well as labor. Keep in mind that the type of material that the replacement ducts are constructed of will also play a role in the overall price. Make an appointment for an air conditioning contractor to inspect your air ducts as soon as you are ready. 

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