How Clean A Condenser Fan

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How Clean A Condenser Fan

28 February 2017
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With summer quickly approaching, it is important to prepare your vital HVAC appliances. If you plan on using your AC on a regular basis, you need to be particularly sure that your condenser is in good working order. Luckily, you can do a few simple cleaning jobs that will make your condenser more effective. This article focuses on how to clean your condenser fan.

Properly Shutting Down the Power

Before you can do any work on your fan, you need to shut down the power. Since modern condenser units usually don't have a power switch, you need to find the designated breaker. To be extra safe, you could also turn your thermostat to the off position.

Accessing the Fan

At this point, you can start to access and clean your fan. On most units the fan is attached to the central stem which is attached to the bird guard. You just need to remove the mounting screws that secure the guard to the top of the unit. Then, you should be able to lift up the entire fan (motor, stem and blades), leaving it attached to the guard. The fan can be quite heavy, so you might need two people for this job. Also, as you lift the fan out, you will need to unplug the power supply that leads into the motor. You should then be able to set the fan down onto the ground where you can clean it more easily.

Cleaning the Fan and Compartment

You can reach most of the surfaces with a rag, but it is also helpful to have a hose vacuum. The fan motor has vents that can get clogged with dust and dirt. Since the fan stem is greased, dust is bound to stick to parts within the crevices. This is unavoidable. Just vacuum these sections to suck up any loose dirt. Don't waste you time trying to rub away the dust that is stuck to the grease.

While the main condenser compartment is empty, you should also use the hose vacuum to thoroughly clean it out. Pay attention to the output vent connections to make sure there are no blockages. The accumulation of leaves can block airflow, so suck them up with a hose vacuum.

All you have to do now is reassemble your fan and turn the power back on. You should be able to immediately enjoy a more efficient AC system. For more information, contact companies like AAA Home Services.

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