How To Rid Your HVAC System Of Odors

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How To Rid Your HVAC System Of Odors

27 December 2017
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Do you notice odors coming from your air registers? Does it seem like the air-conditioning or heating functions make your home smell bad? If so, there is likely an issue with your HVAC system that is causing the odor. Some odor issues are easy to identify and fix, while others will need to be professionally addressed. This article explains a few of the most common causes of odors in residential HVAC systems and the best methods for getting rid of them. You'll find, in some cases, the problem is easy to fix yourself, but in others, you will need to rely on professionals.

Looking in the Ducts

Usually, the source of HVAC odors lies within the duct system. That is, there could be dust and mold within the ducts causing the foul smells. Even worse is having a dead animal carcass in the duct system. This is usually something very small, like a mouse or a bird, but it can be very smelly. Either way, the only way to find and solve this problem is to visibly look for it. Of course, you should start in the room where the odor is most prevalent. You will need a flashlight and a screwdriver to remove the registers from the walls. Once you take off the registers, you can look into the duct system, and determine if there is mold buildup on the duct walls, or if there is anything else causing the odor.

You probably won't be able to reach all of your ducts without professional duct-cleaning tools. So, if you think that the odor is coming from deeper in your ducts, where you can't see it, you will probably need to hire a professional to clean them out. Of course, if there is an animal carcass, you want to remove it, and thoroughly clean and sterilize the surface.

Cleaning the Heat Pump

The heat pump, which is located on the outside of your property, is also a common source of odor. Since it is outside, not only can  carcasses end up in the pump, but other things can happen, as well. For instance, a piece of trash could get sucked into the pump fan. If this happens, the smell will be circulated into your home.

If you have looked at your duct system and heat pump but still can't find the source of your odor, it is best to just call the professionals. They will be able to thoroughly check your entire system, and figure out where the problem is coming from.

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