3 Signs That Your Restaurant's Refrigerator Needs To Be Repaired

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3 Signs That Your Restaurant's Refrigerator Needs To Be Repaired

20 June 2018
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As a restaurant owner, you know how important a properly working fridge is to the overall success of your kitchen. Here are three signs to look out for that could indicate that your restaurant's fridge is in need of repairs to regain optimal functionality:

The Fridge Is Starting to Sweat

If your fridge looks like it's sweating in the middle of your dinner rush, chances are that you have a cooling problem of some kind. You may notice condensation building up on the exterior surface of the fridge, on the handle, or along the seal of the door. Condensation might even be building up inside the fridge on the walls and the shelves. If "sweat" is building up on or near the seal of your door, the seal might be broken and is no longer effectively keeping the air outside of the fridge from getting inside.

If this is the case, your service provider can replace the seal for you and get your fridge working properly again. Condensation buildup may also indicate a problem with your temperature gauge, in which case a professional can troubleshoot the system and make repairs and replacements as necessary so it doesn't keep acting up.

Things Don't Stay as Fresh as They Used To

Food that doesn't stay as fresh as you expect it to is another sign that your restaurant's refrigerator is in need of repairs. If your vegetables no longer last a full week before getting limp or looking old, it may not be that they are less fresh than you thought -- it could be a sign that your refrigerator can't keep up with the workload that is expected of it and is having a hard time maintaining proper temperatures, especially in the crisper drawers.

If your fridge can't keep your menu ingredients fresh long enough to make it to your customers' tables, your profit margins will likely suffer. Having a professional inspect and repair your refrigerator may help extend the shelf life of any items that you keep in your restaurant's fridge.

Defrosting Doesn't Last Very Long

You should also have a professional determine if your fridge is in need of repair if you find yourself having to defrost the freezer more often than you used to. Defrosting your freezer on a regular basis is time consuming enough, with having to find a place to safely store meats and other items that your customers will eventually be eating before you even start the task. If your defrosting efforts don't last as long as you think they should, it's a good idea to consider having a commercial refrigeration repair technician inspect it as soon as possible.

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