Is Wintertime The Right Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

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Is Wintertime The Right Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

12 December 2018
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With winter in full swing, you're probably more concerned about your furnace's well-being than the state of your air conditioning (A/C) system. But if it's time for your A/C system to retire, the winter months offer a good opportunity to finally upgrade your A/C equipment. The following offers a few reasons for replacing your cooling system during the winter.

Off-Season Discounts and Sales

Cold weather can put a chill on A/C equipment prices, making the off-season an affordable time to choose your A/C system. Climate control dealers often choose this time to slash prices on outgoing A/C equipment to make way for new inventory. Instead of paying full price for your A/C system at summer's peak, you can take advantage of the numerous sales, discounts, and incentives that are commonplace throughout the winter months.

These discounts can shave hundreds of dollars off the cost of your new A/C system. Don't forget about the various tax credits and other incentives offered by your local government and/or utility provider.

More Convenient Installation Scheduling

Summer is a time when sweltering temperatures and beleaguered A/C systems demand nearly all of an HVAC expert's attention, so it's no wonder that summer is often the worst time to get a same-day appointment for an A/C replacement.

During the winter, however, most HVAC teams will have more time to work on air conditioning installations due to reduced service demand. If your A/C system's been on the fritz all summer long, then now is the time to schedule an upgrade.

Cooler weather also means you won't be reliant on your A/C system for comfort. As a result, your HVAC experts will have more time to get the job done right. Rush jobs often leave a greater margin of error, resulting in poor overall comfort and more repairs in the near future.

More Time to Properly Choose Your System

Another reason that wintertime A/C installation makes sense is how much time you'll have to select the unit that works best for your home's cooling needs. With spring still months away, you can take your time and thoroughly research your air conditioning options. A properly sized and configured A/C system can do wonders for your home's comfort and energy consumption.

Today's modern A/C equipment also offers a number of amazing advancements over their older counterparts. Variable speed blowers, smart thermostats, and zoning systems provide remarkable energy-efficiency gains for the latest A/C systems while also providing exceptional comfort and longevity.

If it's been over ten years since you've last replaced your A/C system, then it pays to upgrade your system now before warmer weather arrives.

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