Air Duct Cleaning? 3 Good Reasons To Schedule It For Your Home

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Air Duct Cleaning? 3 Good Reasons To Schedule It For Your Home

6 September 2019
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Maintaining an HVAC system involves several actions designed to ensure that it is kept clean and in good repair. While most homeowners are diligent about making filter changes on a timely basis and having their furnaces and air conditioning systems serviced regularly, a lesser number consider air duct cleaning as part of the HVAC maintenance plan. If you have not yet had your home's air ducts professionally cleaned and are wondering whether you should, here are three very good reasons to consider doing so soon. 

Past pollution

While families are able to exert control over habits and product usage in their own home that could negatively affect their health and comfort of their family, they have no way of knowing whether previous occupants of the home did the same. If past occupants smoked inside the home, used harsh chemicals and insecticides, had poor cleaning habits, or had rodent or pet issues that created conditions for pollutants to settle into the air ducts, your family may be exposed to them each time the HVAC system engages and forces air into the room. Air duct cleaning can remove the pollutants left by previous occupants and offer families better air quality inside their home. 

Exposure to allergens

Another excellent reason to consider having your home's air ducts cleaned is to reduce your family's exposure to allergens. Family members who suffer from allergies can be particularly susceptible to the seasonal allergens, such as those caused by grass, ragweed, and pollen. Because of this many families stay indoors more during peak times for allergens, keeping their windows closed and depending on their air conditioning systems to keep them cool and comfortable.

However, as the air is exchanged inside the home by the HVAC system, pollen and allergens that are brought into the home on shoes and clothing can settle into the ducts and be redistributed throughout the home. Regular air duct cleaning can help to prevent these allergens from building up and subjecting family members to them. 

Musty odors

A home that is kept clean and well-maintained can still suffer from musty or unpleasant odor issues. If these odors are most noticeable when the air conditioning or furnace blowers cycle on, the problem may lie within the air ducts of the HVAC system. Possible causes of unpleasant odors emanating from the air duct system could include rodent nests and debris, mold or other contaminants. 

Homeowners who are experiencing any of these issues can get more information about air duct cleaning by contacting a reputable HVAC contractor or service who provides this service to their clients. 

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