Reasons To Hire A Plumber To Move Your Laundry Pipes

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Reasons To Hire A Plumber To Move Your Laundry Pipes

21 October 2019
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Perhaps you have built onto your home or maybe you have just finished your basement, and you would like to relocate the washer and dryer to a new place in the house. The pipes that connect to your washing machine are there specifically to provide and drain water as the washing machine changes between the different cycles, and they are pretty simplistic in form. It is easy to look at these simple lines and assume that they would be simple to move, but they can be a lot more complicated than they look. Here is a look at why you should hire a plumber to help you relocate plumbing lines. 

Gravity has to be taken into consideration. 

It is pretty amazing how much of an effect the gravitational pull can have on a plumbing pipe, whether that pipe is for water distribution or for drainage. If something is off, as often is the case with a DIY project, the water may not flow in the proper direction through the lines. For example, drainage water may get caught in the drainage line halfway down and just sit there. Plumbers who install plumbing lines on a daily basis are perfectly aware of how gravity can affect the flow of water.

It can be harder to route hot water lines than expected. 

You have to be really careful when you are running hot water lines through the walls. If these lines come in contact with sensitive components, the heat can cause issues. For example, if a heated water line is situated against an electrical wire, the outside protective coating of the wire can soften and start to break down. Every water line that gets routed through the interior of a wall must be carefully positioned. 

Drainage lines can be problematic when they don't look like it. 

The drainage line is a super important part of the laundry hookup area. This is where all that dirty water goes after it has been spun out of your clothing, so if the line is not installed just right, you can end up with drainage overflow every time your washing machine kicks on the spin cycle. Unfortunately, these lines are prone to regurgitating water back out if they are installed in a way that air can get entrapped in the line. When installed by a plumber, the laundry drainage lines are precisely angled and placed to discourage future problems. 

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