Things To Consider When Your Water Bill Shows You're Using More Water Than Usual

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Things To Consider When Your Water Bill Shows You're Using More Water Than Usual

22 January 2020
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When you get a high water bill, one of the first things you may do is check the gallons of water you've used and compare that to previous bills. A higher water bill means you're using or losing more water than usual, so you may need to do some detective work to figure out what's causing the increased water usage and the higher bill. Here are some possibilities.

You Really Are Using More Water

If you've recently added a washing machine or dishwasher, the higher water bill may be your new normal since these appliances use water that wasn't used before. Also, if you've recently had a roommate move in, your water bill will be higher since each additional person uses more water in your home. However, if it seems like the bill is a lot higher than you expected, check for leaks just to make sure a leak isn't the real cause of your high bill.

An Outside Hose Bib Is Leaking

You may not go outside very often, especially if it's cold. It's possible an outside hose bib is leaking water and you didn't realize it. Winter can cause water leaks that take you by surprise, such as happens when an outdoor spigot freezes or a pipe freezes and then bursts. Check all the faucets you normally don't check to see if they're leaking. If the weather has been colder than usual recently, check for a frozen and burst pipe. If you see leaks in outdoor pipes or spigots, call a plumber for repairs if you can't shut off the water supply to the area so that you don't continue to waste water and drive up your bill.

A Corroded Pipe Has Failed

The bad thing about a corroded pipe is you may not even realize the plumbing pipes in your home are old, corroded, and ready to crack. However, this is a common problem that comes along with age, especially in pipes made of a metal that's prone to rusting. A corroded pipe might have a slow leak that only has a slight effect on your water bill, or the pipe could burst and cause a flooding emergency. The plumber might be able to repair or replace a single bad pipe, but one corroded pipe could mean your other pipes are in the same shape and need to be replaced soon.

If your home has old plumbing, you might want to do a water meter test every few months so you can catch tiny leaks before they turn into big problems. Even something like an annoying kitchen faucet drip can affect your water bill since a constant drip can waste a lot of water over the course of a month. For more information or assistance, contact residential plumbing companies near you.

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