Why Consider Radiant Floor Heating

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Why Consider Radiant Floor Heating

24 February 2020
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Consider radiant floor heating if you are planning to install a heating system for your house. Radiant floor heating places heat sources under the floor. The heaters warm the materials above them, which then transfers the heat to the air above the floor. Below are some good reasons for installing radiant floor heating.


Radiant floor heating allows you to keep your house warm and comfortable using a variety of energy sources. You can use electricity, boilers, solar, and even heat pumps as energy sources. This means you can easily choose the energy source widely available in your area and with which you are comfortable.  

Improved Comfort

One of the best things about radiant floor heating is its comfort. With other forms of heating that require ducts and registers, you have to resign yourself to some level of noise and draft. Uneven heating is also a problem with duct systems due to imperfections and damages in ductwork and registers. You don't have these problems with radiant heating since the warmth comes from under the floor and heats the room uniformly.


If your heating system uses a duct system, then you have to redesign the duct system and the registers after a significant renovation to the house. You may also have to install a new heating system, properly sized to the new house, if the renovation alters the square footage of the house. This makes the scalability of such heating systems difficult. Fortunately, the scalability of radiant heating systems is easier than that because you don't have to redesign anything; you just have to install new radiant heaters under the new floor.


Radiant heating is also healthier than heating systems that deliver warm air via registers. Air delivered via registers tends to contain pollutants, including allergens, especially if the ducts are damaged and leaking or if the filters are dirty or of the wrong type. However, with radiant heating, there is no duct contamination and you don't have to worry about pollutants if your indoor air is clean.

Good Space Utilization

Many heating systems take up useful space that you can use for other things. Radiant heating doesn't take up additional space because it goes under the floor. This is especially a big deal if you live in a small house or real estate is expensive in your neighborhood.

As you can see, many households can benefit from radiant floor heating. Consult a heating installation professional to help you gauge whether such a system can be a good fit for your property.

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