Repairing Your Air Conditioner: 3 Things You Should Do

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Repairing Your Air Conditioner: 3 Things You Should Do

26 March 2020
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Your air conditioner is a convenience that keeps you cool all summer long. When your unit stops working, you want it working again immediately so you aren't left sitting in your sweltering home, or trying to find somewhere else to keep cool. If your air conditioner is broken, there are a few things you should do that may help get your air conditioner working again. Read on for a few things you can do to repair your air conditioner.

1. Adjust Or Change The Thermostat

Your thermostat may be set to a higher-than-usual temperature, or it could simply have been turned off. Check the thermostat and make adjustments as necessary. If your thermostat was turned off, turn it back on. If your thermostat temperature isn't set properly, make necessary adjustments. If the temperature seems correct and the cool setting was set properly, make sure that the thermostat is reading the temperature correctly. Check the temperature inside your home using a thermometer. If the thermometer is reading a different temperature, you may need to change the thermostat altogether. Change the thermostat so that it gives the proper information to your air conditioner so it will turn on your system on demand.

2. Repair The Fins On Your Unit

Your air conditioner may not be running at all, or it may be running improperly because your condensing unit is in need of some repairs. If the unit has bent fins, it isn't going to let any air into the unit. If your unit isn't getting enough air, you aren't going to get air into your home either. Repair the fins and bend them back into place, if you can, by using a blunt knife such as a butter knife. You can also purchase a fin-bending tool to bend the tools back into place.

3. Have Your Refrigerant Checked

Your air conditioner needs to have refrigerant to allow it to run and cool your home effectively. If your unit is out of refrigerant, your air conditioner is not going to cool your home at all. Your unit may run, but you won't have any cool air inside. Refrigerant levels need to be checked by a professional HVAC technician. Don't attempt to check or fill your unit with refrigerant if you are not certified to handle it. 

If your air conditioner is not running properly, the best thing you can do is hire a professional HVAC repairman for help to get your system working again.

You can reach out to an HVAC contractor for more information about air conditioning repair.

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