Furnace Repairs To Get Your Home Ready For Winter Without Heating Problems

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Furnace Repairs To Get Your Home Ready For Winter Without Heating Problems

14 September 2020
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The winter weather is coming, and when the cold air gets here, you are going to need to start using the heating in your home. The furnace is something that needs to be serviced and inspected for problems. If there are issues with the heating, you will want to have the furnace repaired before the winter weather gets here. The following furnace repairs are some of the things that you may need to have done before the cold air arrives.

Pilot lights and igniters that need repairs—The pilot light is the first area of your furnace that you need to have checked. With some modern furnaces, there is an electric igniter that starts the furnace. Here are some of the problems with pilot lights and electric ignition systems that you may need to have fixed:

  • Pilot lights that are not working at all
  • Yellow and orange flames when the pilot light is on
  • Damaged electric ignition system that causes the furnace to not turn on

The problems with pilot lights and ignition systems start as minor issues, but they can be frustrating when they cause your heating to go out during a cold winter night. Therefore, you will want to address the pilot light issues before winter.

Fans and blowers that cause heating problems—The fans and blowers can also have problems that need to be addressed when you have furnace repairs done. The problems with furnace blowers often start with a lack of maintenance or the fan being dirty. This causes the blower motor to wear, and there may be problems that need to be repaired before winter. When repairs are being done to the blower, you also want to have the air handler checked for issues that need to be repaired before turning the heating on.

Thermostat problems—The thermostat is another issue that you may have to deal with before temperatures drop. The wiring needs to be checked and the batteries in thermostats need to be changed before the winter months. You may also need to have the thermostat calibrated or replaced if it is outdated. Make sure the thermostat is checked when other repairs and maintenance tasks are done to your furnace.

Furnace components wearing out—The furnace is vulnerable to wear, which can affect different parts. Over the years, some of the parts can wear out, and it may be time to have some of the worn parts of your furnace replaced before the winter months. Some of the parts that commonly wear out with furnaces include:

  • Damaged heat exchanger
  • Worn and damaged electrical components
  • Damaged exhaust systems that can also be hazardous
  • Problems with power and settings for the blower fan

These are furnace components that commonly wear out and may need to be replaced before the cold air gets here.

The furnace is going to need repairs now to ensure you are ready for the winter weather and cold temperatures. Contact a furnace repair service to help with the repairs and improvements you need to have done before temperatures begin to drop.

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