The Most Common Evaporative Cooler Repairs To Get Your Cooling System On Again Quickly

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The Most Common Evaporative Cooler Repairs To Get Your Cooling System On Again Quickly

19 October 2020
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In some areas of the country, hot arid weather is ideal for the use of evaporative cooler cooling systems, or swamp coolers. These systems are different than air conditioning in many ways. The repairs that this type of cooling system needs will also be different. What are the most common types of evaporative cooler repairs that you may need to have done?

Changing the pads when they have become saturated

Evaporative coolers use mats that absorb water that evaporates and provides the cooling effect for your home. Sometimes, there can be problems with the mats that need to be addressed. Issues with the evaporative cooler mats include:

  • Pads that are stopped up with dust and debris
  • Lose pads that are not being saturated
  • Problems with damaged pads that need to be replaced

These are problems with your evaporative cooler mats that may be causing the system not to cool your home effectively.

Problems with calcium buildup clogging water lines

The water lines are important components of evaporative coolers. These lines carry water to the system and to the mats. When there is a lot of mineral deposits in the water, it can cause the lines to become blocked. This is calcium buildup that can be white or yellowish in color, and it can cause evaporative coolers to become less effective.

If the water is not circulating through your swamp cooler tubes, you will want to have the lines cleaned.

Water pump problems causing a reduced cooling effect

The water pump can also cause issues with your evaporative cooler. This can happen due to the calcium buildup, or it can be due to a bad pump. Some of the signs that your swamp cooler may have a bad water pump include:

  • Air not cooling as it should
  • Noises when the system turns on
  • Pads not becoming moist when the system is on

If the pump is not circulating fluids as it should, you will want to have a technician inspect your evaporative cooler and check the pump.

Issues with evaporative cooler fans and electronic parts

The evaporative cooler has a fan or blower that can go out. These are components that run continuously to keep the air circulating through the moist mats. If there is a problem with air circulation, your evaporative cooler may need to have the blower fan replaced. In addition to the fan, you may need repairs done to other electrical components that can fail.

Evaporative cooler repairs are often simple problems, but sometimes you may need to call for professional help. Call an evaporative cooler repair service to have your system repaired when you need to get the cooling back on. For more information about evaporative cooler repair, contact a local HVAC contractor.

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