Why Is My Furnace Not Turning On?

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Why Is My Furnace Not Turning On?

3 December 2020
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As people move into the cold months of winter, many will try to turn on their furnace, only to discover that it's stopped working completely. A furnace that is not working properly is one of the most frightening things that can happen; not only does it make for an uncomfortable house, but it can also pose health challenges to family members with certain conditions. Have a technician who is familiar with residential heating repair take a look at it, but in the meantime, look through the list below to find some of the most common causes for a furnace not turning on.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

The thermostat is the main handler of your furnace system that causes the furnace to turn on and off, so if your thermostat is not working, then your furnace will not work either. To fix this, the first you'll do is to check your thermostat settings. Make sure to enable "heat" mode and try raising it by 5 degrees to see if that starts the furnace. Also, clean out the dust filters with a soft brush and remove any dust that might be blocking the system.

Shortage of Power

Nearly all machines need electricity or some kind of power source to run; even if the rest of the house runs on electricity, the furnace could be using gas instead. If your furnace is using electricity, there may be a tripped circuit breaker that is causing it to lose power. Simply try to turn it on to see if that fixes the problem. Sometimes, the blown fuse of the furnace will cause the system not to turn on. Check your HVAC circuit breaker panel and make sure it's turned on.

If your furnace uses gas, the gas valve of your system might accidentally be turned off for safety reasons, which means your furnace is not receiving the proper supply of gas required to fire up the system. Make sure to turn on the gas valve so that your furnace will get a proper air supply. If you're unsure about this process, get it done by a professional.

Check the Air Filters

Have you noticed an improper airflow to a certain location of your house? That's most likely because your furnace's air filter is clogged and blocked by dust and debris. This can shut down your furnace for good. Always try to keep the filters clean and, if possible, change it after 3 months of usage. Make sure to buy the right size according to your home and HVAC system.

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