Tips For A New Heating Installation When Your Old Furnace Is Worn Out

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Tips For A New Heating Installation When Your Old Furnace Is Worn Out

19 August 2021
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If your furnace is old, inefficient, and on the brink of failure, it's time to have a new heating system installed before cold weather sets in. If your furnace is many years old, you'll probably see a big difference in the way a modern, efficient heating system works. Here are a few tips for having a new furnace installed.

Get The Ducts Ready

Your heating installation contractor might use your old ducts to save on money. If so, the ducts should be inspected thoroughly and cleaned if necessary so they are good as new. A leak in the ducts affects how well the heating system performs, so repairs should be completed if they're necessary. If your old ducts aren't the right size for your new system, or if they are too damaged, your contractor might recommend replacing them when you get a new furnace.

Get Your Home Ready

There's not much you need to do during the heating installation process, but you might need to prep your home to make things easier for the contractor. For instance, you might need to clear away the area around the furnace or remove pictures from hallway walls so the workers can carry large equipment safely.

Remove Old Equipment

The heating installation contractor has to take the old furnace apart and then remove it from your property. This could be a lengthy process. It might even take the contractor more than a day to take the old furnace out and put a new one in. That's why it's a good idea to have a new furnace put in before the weather gets cold.

Put In The New Furnace

Your heating installation contractor will probably put the furnace in the same location so it can be connected to gas lines and ducts that are already in place. If the furnace will be in your basement, they may set it on an elevated pad so it won't get wet if the basement floods. Once the new furnace has been assembled, it's tested to make sure it operates properly.

When you get a new furnace installed, you'll probably want a new thermostat, and you may even want a new air conditioner if it's old, too, so your HVAC has all new parts that work well together and that operate efficiently. When you buy your new furnace, you can also ask for add-ons that make your home more comfortable in your climate.

For instance, you may want a whole-house humidifier or an air cleaner installed on your furnace at the same time you have your furnace installed. Let the heating installation contractor know ahead of time so all the equipment is ordered and ready to install and test at the same time.

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