When To Consider Service For Your Home's Heating System

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When To Consider Service For Your Home's Heating System

22 March 2023
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As temperatures begin to drop, many homeowners start to think about their heating systems — specifically, when they should schedule a service. Regular maintenance is crucial in the upkeep of your home's heating system, and neglecting it can cause problems to arise that may require expensive repairs down the road.

General Maintenance And Repairs

General heating system maintenance helps keep the system running efficiently and can even extend the life of the heating equipment. However, there are some signs that indicate you should consider scheduling a service for your heating system sooner than later.

The heating repair service you use can inspect the system once or twice a year and check all the components to ensure they are in good shape. If you lose heat in your home, you may have a problem with the blower motor on the system, or the burner may not be working correctly. 

In either case, the heating technician can test the system and determine where the problem is. Making repairs as soon as you notice a problem can often prevent further damage to the system and may save you money. 

Increased Operating Cost

If you notice that your heating system is using more electricity or fuel than it did the prior year, you may need to have a heating system inspection. Often, a system that is not well maintained can use more energy or fuel to heat your home, but cleaning and servicing the system will often restore efficiency and lower those high heating bills. 

The heating repair service you use can clean the system for you and check the system to ensure it is running correctly. If your heating system uses heating oil or gas, the burner, nozzle, and heat exchanger can all become dirty and reduce the heat output while causing more fuel usage. The problem is typically easily fixed with a system cleaning, but neglecting it can cause the problem to worsen over time. 

Old Age

As your heating system ages, parts can wear out, and the system may not run as well as it once did. The system's age can also make it difficult to find replacement parts for the heating system, and the heating service may recommend replacing the system with a new one. 

New heating system installation is not as challenging as it sounds, and most companies can replace the old heating system with one that uses the same fuel or is electric if that is what you already have. Using the existing ductwork can make the job easier, but ask the heating service about cleaning the ducts before installing the new heating system so you start with a new, clean heating system that will serve you for years to come.  

Contact a heating services provider to learn more. 

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