Have Pets In Your Home? 3 Air Conditioning Systems Tips

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Have Pets In Your Home? 3 Air Conditioning Systems Tips

28 April 2023
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If you have pets in your home, they likely shed, and some pets shed a lot. This means their hair is all over your home and likely in areas where you do not see it. One thing you must do is take care of your air conditioning system. Below are three tips on keeping it running well with pets in the house. 

Have it Maintained

Just like with any air conditioning system, it is important that you keep it maintained. You may want to consider having this done more often because you do have pets. The contractor can check the duct system to ensure no hair is building up in them. 

Your air conditioning system may get dirty faster than it normally would. The contractor can clean the system for you. They will also make sure it is running efficiently. While they are at your home, they will do a complete inspection to ensure all parts are running properly. 

Change Air Filter

Because you have pets, their fur will build up on the air filter. Because of this, you should replace it more frequently than you normally would. An air filter stops dirt, debris, pet fur, and dander. When the filter is dirty air cannot get through it. This will cause your home to be much hotter than it normally would. Your air conditioning system may work overtime to keep your home cool, which will result in higher electrical bills each month. 

There are air filters that are made to clean. With this type, you can remove the air filter, clean it yourself, then put it back in. This will prevent you from having to pay for new air filters more often. There are also electrostatic air filters that you can wash and then reuse. 

Put a Fence Around the HVAC Unit Outside

If your pets go outside and are in the same area as your HVAC unit, you should consider putting a fence around the unit. Your HVAC unit has a fan that pulls the outside air in to recycle the air for the inside of your home. If your pets rub up against the unit, it will also pull in their fur along with the dander inside the unit. This fur and dander then get on the air filter, as well as on other parts inside the unit itself.

If you have male pets, they may pee on the HVAC unit. If this happens regularly, it can cause the fins to deteriorate as there is acid in the urine. This will also help if other pets in your neighborhood get into your yard. 

A local air conditioning contractor can give you more tips to keep your system running efficiently.

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