FAQs About Having A Ductless Mini-Split AC Installed

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FAQs About Having A Ductless Mini-Split AC Installed

19 June 2023
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Ductless mini-split air conditioners are becoming quite common. They're often praised for their efficiency, and they are relatively easy to have installed because no ducts have to be run through your wall spaces. However, you might still have some of the following questions before you have your ductless mini-split air conditioner installed.

What Are the Two Components of the Air Conditioner?

These are known as mini-split systems because they are split in half – each system has two components. The first component is the compressor. This is a big, box-shaped unit that sits outside. It looks very similar to the compressor you would have with a central air conditioner. The other component is the air handler. This is a device that is mounted through your wall. It draws cool air from the compressor, and it blows that cool air into your home.

Where Will the Air Handler Be Placed?

The air handler for a mini-split system is always placed on an exterior wall. Usually, it is placed high up on the wall, close to the ceiling. This way, the air handler is out of the way. It also does a better job of keeping your space evenly cool when it's high up on the wall since hot air rises. 

Do not that in larger homes, your installer is likely to install more than one handler. In the average two-story home, for example, you'll typically have an air handler upstairs and another one downstairs. Both will coordinate with the same compressor.

How Long Will the Installation Take?

Most HVAC installers can install a ductless mini-split system within a day. In some cases, it will take far less time than this. The most involved part of the installation is usually running the electrical wires from the panel to your compressor and air handler. Once this is done, it's mostly a matter of setting your equipment in place and turning everything on.

Can Your HVAC Company Install Your System if It Rains?

Most HVAC contractors won't reschedule your installation if it is raining. They may wait for a pause in the rain to run electrical wires, or they may use plastic sheets to guard the sensitive items. If there is a huge storm with lots of wind and heavy rain, then your HVAC installer may want to reschedule.

With these questions answered, you should be better prepared to have your ductless mini-split AC system installed. Reach out to an air conditioning service near you to learn more.

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