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Getting AC Repairs In Winter Just Makes Sense

4 November 2022
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Keeping your air conditioner in good working condition is the best way to save money on your cooling bills while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. This means you need to do proper preventive maintenance and regular servicing. It is generally recommended that you have the unit serviced at least once a year. There are some good reasons to have this done in the off-season, meaning when you are not going to be using the AC. Read More …

Planning To Replace Your AC Unit? Guide To Choosing An Energy Efficient Unit

17 October 2022
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One of the primary reasons why homeowners consider investing in air conditioning replacement is to reduce their power bills. Older air conditioners are less efficient, so power expenses tend to increase over time. Besides, they require regular service and repair, increasing maintenance costs. If you're facing this challenge, you can get a new AC unit.  But how can you lessen your utility expenses through AC system replacement? There are must-have features you should look out for when picking the AC unit. Read More …

Benefits Of Regular Heater Maintenance

29 September 2022
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Heating units supply warm air throughout your home. However, even if your heater works well, routine heater maintenance is vital. Here are the pros of maintaining your heater regularly. Money Savings  If your heater is experiencing minor problems, you may need to fix them before they become severe. For instance, overheating issues require instant repair. Otherwise, your entire system may blow. Such damage may be difficult to repair, calling for heater replacement. Read More …

Signs Your Home’s Cooling System Is Needing Repairs

12 September 2022
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A faulty AC system can have the potential to be extremely disruptive to your home as it can make it functionality impossible to keep the interior cool. Due to the complexity of a modern AC system, there are a number of possible problems and malfunctions that could impact it and that you will need to repair. The AC Unit Making Rattling Sounds When It Is Running A rattling sound from an AC unit can be a common issue for older models that have experienced considerable wear. Read More …

3 Unexpected Air Conditioning Services You Might Need During The Summer

23 August 2022
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You probably know you need annual air conditioning services for maintenance of your AC equipment, but you might also need AC services throughout the summer for problems that you least expect. It's fairly common for parts to wear out and cause a breakdown, but you might be surprised to need some of the following air conditioning services. 1. Electrical Repairs Due To A Lightning Strike A direct lightning strike on your condenser would be rare, but lightning doesn't need to strike your AC to cause damage. Read More …

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